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This page is the "Index" page ..... is a site dedicated to the production of stories, plays, tales. Central are themes and stuff for puppetry. The idea is to stimulate for fun and games in this world of fantasy.

It is the object of the site to make stories easily accessable on e-readers and other electronic devises. Therefor many classic stories have been upgraded and given a format which lends itself to the production of puppet shows.

The site includes both video, audio as well as written scripts which can be read by children and adults.

Some have been produced both as audio and video sequences.

Here you will find such stories as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, where this classic folk tale is given new live in an electronic world. The story is altered, as eating grandmothers is definatly out. Instead the story is softened, but the essential elements are kept.

Puss in Boots is also here. This Folktale has been altered to give it more realism and bring it more in touch with the a more modern way of understanding things.

The Frog Prince is also brought more up to date. We have inserted a more of a reason for the prnce being zapped into a life as a frog.

For Hansel and Gretel we do not believe in witches canabilizing little boys and girls, so the story has been altered to accomodate a less carniverous view on the what is what and acceptable in tales for children.

All stories, play scripts, audio and video sequences can be purched and downloaded from our internet store.

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